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Get One Night Free Camping

One of the best ways to check out the campground is to come and stay a few nights. Since there are so many great spots, sometimes it takes a bit to figure out what is best for you. One way to make this easier is to bring your RV and just plan to stay a night or two. If you want to try it out, the first night is on us. Just call and book your time, as this offer is subject to availability. Call or text Dave at 403-634-4009 to reserve your spot.

Customize your own spot.

One advantage of booking now is the ability to customize the site to your needs. Our existing guests have really appreciated the fact that they can pick a location and have a say on how to lay out the site to meet their needs. So, if you have a big RV, no problem! We can create a site that will fit the bill and be just right for you and your family.

Updated Camp Rules

After getting some feedback, we are considering updating a few of the camp rules.

One to Two vehicles at a site - We are changing the requirement to only have one car onsite to two vehicles if your site has enough room . While we don't want to turn the campground into a parking lot, we also recognize that many sites could accommodate more than one vehicle. At the same time, we reserve the right to limit some sites to one vehicle if there isn't sufficient space as determined by management. We hope this accommodation is helpful.

Dog Breeds - we are taking out the reference in the rules that limits certain breeds of dogs and instead, putting in a reference to aggressive dogs.

Alcohol - If you are going to consume alcohol, please exercise moderation and keep it on your own site. This is a family orientated campground. Loud obnoxious behavior that impacts other campers' enjoyment of the campground will not be tolerated. Appropriate measures will be taken if we receive complaints of this nature. While we don't want anyone to lose their campsite, repeated problems of this nature are a sure way to accomplish that.

Building of Whisper Valley  
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Photo of the mountains near the campground.
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